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Selfishnet is a tiny application that gives you full control over your WiFi network. Are you tired because your bandwidth connection is very low? Do you share internet with other people or your neighbors but they are using YouTube too much and the internet slow down a lot? With selfishnet you can block anyone or any device from using your internet, or simply limit their bandwidth and enjoy the higher priority.

Selfishnet software works on most windows versions: XP, VISTA, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. It provides you all what you need to know about who is connected to you WiFi like: IP, MAC, Download, Upload…etc.

You will find below an explanation how to download and run selfishnet.

  1. First download Selfishnet program from the link at the bottom of this article and Winpcap then follow below steps.
  2. Decompress downloaded file using an archiving program like Winrar.
  3. After decompressing, you will have a new folder with all the program files. You can save them in an accessible place that you want to use it again.
  4. Open the file named SelfishNet.exe

Note: usersrunning Windows 7 and later, if you encounter any problem, please open the program as an administrator by Right-click on Selfishnet program and choose from the menu “Run As An Administrator”.

If you see a message when you run the program such a “problem registering the driver” or “problem installing the drivers”, install WinPcap program. It is essential for capturing the packets passing through the network. Once you install WinPcap and restart the computer, reopen SelfishNet.exe.


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  1. Thank you so much. It’s a very nice software

  2. Nice Network Monitor Software..


  3. Tnk y 4 ds free app

  4. ‘problem starting the driver’
    how to fix this?

  5. where the download link or what i do to down load

  6. How does this software work?
    Does it have to keep running in order to limit the users bandwidth?

  7. i already installed wincap, and now i tried to install selfish net and this is what happened every time i opened the selfish net.

    “The application failed to analyze properly…..

    what shoud i do?

  8. “problem starting the driver” i get this even if i run the program as administrator .
    What should i do ?

  9. i have problem, when i start selfishNet it says:”program has stopped working”, i used selfishnet before and worked normally but when i reinstalled the software, Its not working…

    Please fix. Thank you

  10. hello so everytime i start it it opens and when i confirm my network interface card it just freezes nothing happen..

  11. same problem of Hadadayday “problem starting the driver” i get this even if i run the program as administrator .
    What should i do ?

  12. downlaod and install winpcap in order to solve this error.

  13. it was perfectly running yesterday, but today, it seems that it can’t detect any devices at all except mine. What should i do? thanks

  14. i can only block users but i cant limit their bandwidth any help? (windows 10 64-bit)

  15. when i start the programme, after press network discovery, the programme is stopping (freezing). pls help me.

  16. nice software, very useful.

  17. How i can install selfis net as administrator

  18. what is redirecting-spoofing?I dont understand the feature.please help

  19. from where i can download it

  20. thank you so much it works.

  21. thanks very much .
    soo useful

  22. thank you so much it works.

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